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Gathering all this documentation can be challenging for some practice owners, particularly if they have not been organized throughout the process of developing their business. This story is part of a series on medical accounting written by Nicholas Turturro at MBSATA, the largest independent bookkeeping firm in New York City. If you’ve opted to integrate QuickBooks into your business, we can help you pick the right version of software, set it up and even train your staff to operate it. © 2023 Website builder for accountants designed by Build Your Firm, providers of websites for accountants and enrolled agents.

Medical practice accounting is different from accounting for other types of businesses. You don’t just need to account for patient payments—you also need to deal with insurance companies and government-backed programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Devote more time to running your practice and less energy worrying about your finances when you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping to us.

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When you stay on top of your books, you’ll have real-time insight into your practice’s finances and the information you need to make more informed business decisions. If you choose accrual basis accounting, on the other hand, you recognize revenues when you earn them and expenses when you incur them—even if the payments haven’t come in or gone out yet. In other words, you record income on your books when you provide services to patients, regardless of when the insurance company or other third party pays your invoice.

The better understanding you have of your costs, the simpler the process will be to minimize those costs. There is a lot of documentation required when forming a medical practice, and the records grow as you conduct business. Your accounting advisors will need access to much of that financial paperwork, and it is up to you to set them up for success. Your accounting firm cannot begin to develop an accounting structure that supports long-term financial health if you don’t give them the proper documentation.

Accounting and Tax Services for Doctors

The guidance they provided during that time is something I will never forget. After all expenses have been paid, the physician usually receives their payment on a predetermined schedule. It’s important for the practice manager to also consider larger expenses, such as malpractice insurance. These types of expenses are usually paid quarterly, so it’s important to not distribute money that is intended for larger, quarterly expenses. Too often, doctors and dentists use their practice as a personal checkbook, running car leases, family vacations and other personal expenses through the practice. But the right accounting advisors can help guide you, allowing you to focus on the work you enjoy while your team builds a solid accounting foundation.

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  • These payments may be related to merchant contracts, insurance premiums, paying off equipment or many other expenses required to run a medical practice.
  • Reviewing your balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows each month can help you keep tabs on your current cash position, receivables, payables, liabilities, revenues, and expenses.

There is no reason to manually input debits and credits into a spreadsheet anymore. Bookkeeping software like QuickBooks by Intuit not only gives individuals a way to input debits and credits automatically but also allows for customization. These features can be used construction bookkeeping to make sure purchases and payments are categorized properly. If you have contracts with external vendors, it’s important that your accounting advisory team knows about incoming invoices so that they can look for opportunities to cut costs without reducing quality.

Getting started on medical practice accounting

As a medical professional, your top priority is patient care, but that doesn’t mean your practice’s accounting and financial needs can be put on life support. In order for a healthcare practice to thrive, appropriate accounting procedures must be put in place. That way, the practice owner can know where they stand financially at all times. The staff augmentation solution is the perfect mix of cost-efficiency and expertise that small businesses require. By leveraging EA’s staff augmentation solutions, medical practitioners can provide the best care to patients without taking any pain for accounting and finance requirements.

Struggling to meet the rising demand for quality medical services on top of evolving regulations and labor shortages? Disconnected and reactive medical practice CPA solutions could add an additional burden, introducing risk and leaving you unable to effectively grow your practice. Discover financial peace of mind with Magnum’s integrated medical practice CPA services.

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Therefore, the best strategy to help deal with this issue is to handle the accounting until the practice grows enough to afford a dedicated accountant. Providing medical services to your patients is more than enough work to occupy all of your working hours. It’s also the aspect of your business where your time generates the highest return, not to mention the one you probably enjoy the most. Finance, accounting, and tax strategies aren’t the most exciting topics for most medical practitioners, but you don’t have to become a master. You usually only need to know enough to hire and manage people who run those functions.

  • The cash basis method of accounting is the preferred solution for the majority of physician-owned medical practices.
  • From managing day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping tasks to providing financial updates that will help eliminate extraneous expenses, shrink costs, and maximize profits, we can guide the way.
  • Your accounting firm cannot begin to develop an accounting structure that supports long-term financial health if you don’t give them the proper documentation.
  • From new ventures to long-established businesses to individuals, we provide a high level of service to every client.
  • We’ll also design a proactive tax planning strategy and will be in touch with you throughout the year to keep tax liabilities in check.
  • Once you have an administrative staff in place, it’s a good idea to invest in their financial education as well.
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