As already mentioned, security measures are very important and that is why any trader should be aware of the legal barriers to entry. Every single possible competitor which is very close to the coin that a trader is researching on, should be researched on to. After doing so, whatever seems better to the trader should be invested in after strategizing the plan completely. The first step to DYOR is identifying potential investment options.

This is a way of mitigating potential liabilities on their part, such as if a coin they discuss turns out to be a scam. It refers to a research-based approach to buying cryptocurrency or investing in DeFi projects. The concept of DYOR aims to reduce misinformation and the investment pitfalls that come from relying solely on other people’s opinions or assurances. Once I started owning up to my own actions and decisions, the stress in crypto investing became lesser. Perhaps because I am now spending a lot more time researching for any crypto project before I invest my hard-earned money in it.

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Other tools on CoinMarketCap platform to explore include the educational platformAlexandria, thelisting of exchanges,NFTs, and theGravity feature. Although Gravity is still in beta, it offers a constantly updating feed of project news, articles, and user sentiment. There is also a handy list of accounts you may be interested in following to stay up-to-date on those projects.

An increase in the fees paid is usually an indication of increased usage. This data should always be used together with other metrics such as the current state of the crypto market and some events particular to the project. You can use a website like to help you detect honeypot scams using the asset’s contract address. To use this tool, visit the website, input the asset’s contract address in the search bar and click the ‘Is it Honeypot? An asset’s trading record is a good gauge of its financial viability, so another key metric to look at is its 24 hour trading volume. These include the project’s management team, the resources available to the project, along with economic factors such as token supply and distribution.

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So even if you do go for these sites, go for a site that can be trusted. To be able to conduct secondary research, note down the names of the key players involved in the project, like the Founder and CEO. Therefore you should go for reputable sites like Binance Research, ICODrops, or Messari. A nice way to keep knowledge from these sites is to take notes from these videos and write down any doubts you might have.

There are so many crypto tokens to look at and to choose from. Luckily for me, I have some friends that are on the same boat as me and we always call each other to share information that we have. While looking up road maps, you might come across projects without a road map available. And even when the interviews with key players of that project fail to provide any goal-oriented roadmap, it is likely that the project lifespan would probably be shorter. If you see that the token you are interested in is not active on reputable exchanges or if its trading volume is low, tread with caution. It is by following the news articles and recent updates on that particular crypto project.

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It’s very difficult to start looking for something if you don’t know what you’re looking for. I suggest that you consider these questions before you start your DYOR process. Looking back, it’s not a very ideal situation especially if all of you are newbies. There’s a huge tendency that you’ll be influenced by incomplete information and you might make some avoidable mistakes because you FOMOed or got swayed by the decision of your friends.

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At this stage, you check the available investment options in the market. You can check out the trending crypto, the top-performing ones, and other options. This term is still gaining popularity today as crypto adoption increases, and risks also grow. It encourages people to do in-depth investment analysis before putting in money.

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Download the app to see why CryptoWallet is the only wallet you’ll ever need. No, provides tools designed to help you and save you time, not personal coaching. For premium members, Telegram is only used to send alerts from saved searches and Cointracker notifications.

Additionally, if you are just interested in the latest news from the crypto industry visit our Crypto News page. As you now know is a common acronym for Do Your Own Research. As this post points out, it is quite possibly more important now than ever before to carry out your own thorough research before investing in crypto or any other asset for that matter.

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I also follow the Twitter accounts of other projects launching on the blockchain of the crypto that I’m investing in. You should also look up the blogs on the cryptocurrency websites and just check out if the project is working along the lines it said it would in the roadmap. Even if you can skim through the headlines on a particular cryptocurrency you might come to know about all the new updates or partnerships that could affect tokenomics. Simply put, before anything first you should go to popular Cryptocurrency websites like Coinmarketcap or Coingecko or any reputable site and look at what the current price of the cryptos is. Roadmaps outline the desired financial and technological heights a project hopes to attain.

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By taking into account the project’s FDV and market cap, an investor can decide whether the token is likely to grow past the current level. On CoinGecko, you can compare the market cap and FDV of similar projects as a way of getting a hint of the valuation a project truly deserves. After the foundation has been established, you can click on the coins that stand out to you to obtain more information. That includes thecirculating supply andtotal supply figures, a list ofexchanges where the asset is traded, thefully diluted valuation , etc. All of these details provide tremendous insights and intelligence on individual coins and tokens. The term first became popular during a wave ofICO projects that flooded into the cryptocurrency space between 2016 and 2018.

Many investors were left duped or out of pocket by a host of scams entering the market as potential get-rich-quick crowdfunding schemes. The reach of the target market is very essential for the trader to know and which are the exchanges offer the particular cryptocurrency. The target market can be analysed a bit from just the marketing and social media presence. This way, a trader would know what kind of audience the information about the coin is reaching to.

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If it’s the other way around, the project is probably overvalued. At a glance, an investor can evaluate how active the project is through the number of unique transactions and how they have improved over time. In this instance, a good way to estimate how much a cryptocurrency project’s technology and token are gaining traction is through looking dyor meaning crypto at its on-chain metrics. Tokenomics data details how the tokens and allocations are scheduled. For smart contract tokens, the tokenomics data shows the number of tokens released at launch, whom they were allocated to , and information about vested tokens. This includes the amount vested, the reason for vesting, and release schedules.

  • Monetary Policy and Tokenomics in Crypto Monetary policies in crypto refers to decisions and actions implemented by a project to control the amount of tokens in circulation.
  • Due to the vast amount of information now available to all via the web, the term is used by many different industries.
  • While looking up road maps, you might come across projects without a road map available.
  • An increase in the fees paid is usually an indication of increased usage.
  • This is not only true for crypto but it’s also true for any other type of investment.

For doing self-research, it is very necessary to know all the key features of the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. Not only that, but also the development of the coin over the years should be analysed and the future development should be predicted accordingly. DYOR is a continuous process and something that you should not skip when investing in crypto. I also bookmarked a lot of Reddit Community Pages for the crypto tokens that I have invested in/will invest in. This is one of the most important sources of information for me because I consider this as the online community of those who also invested in the token.

Be very wary of scams and the best way to protect yourself is by becoming aware of the existing scams and how they operate. Usually, this information is being shared on Twitter and on community groups such as Reddit. Regulations are not yet set in various countries and a lot of unscrupulous people are taking advantage of this.

How To DYOR Crypto: How To Analyse Crypto Projects For Investment?

So, to summarize this article we would like to concisely list out the steps for your own research in cryptocurrency. CoinGecko makes it easy for investors to access projects’ white papers through the Whitepaper feature on the platform. To view a project’s white paper, click on Whitepaper on the asset page.

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Additionally, you can find audits — if provided — along with GitHub activity, social follower counts, a list of wallets supporting the asset, and more. DYOR is one of the most frequently used terms within the cryptocurrency world. The full form of DYOR is “ Do Your Own Research ” which stands as a general reminder for a trader to make his own decisions as well as have a good investment knowledge.

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I also have lost some of my investments because I believed something that I saw online. All information mentioned in our website is for informational and educational purposes only. And none of what you read here is by any way, an investment advice. Otherwise, you can also look up a blockchain explorer of that cryptocurrency. The above-mentioned sites are known as big players on the platform and thus they are under the pressure to do everything accurately. Or else, they might end up being subjected to severe retaliation from fans as well as the project.

Other factors that affect the token’s demand and supply such as the token’s utility should also be considered. Fundamental analysis is the process of evaluating an asset to judge its potential as an investment. As a way of combatting fraud, people were urged to ‘DYOR’ and investigate any potential investment fully before committing money to any project.

A take-profit order is an act of selling cryptocurrency to secure profits. A lower low is when the price of a cryptocurrency closes lower than the previous day, which itself closed a… The phrase has now permeated into popular culture, and is widely used to encourage amateur investors in any arena to navigate a minefield of misinformation. At this point, you want to identify the value of money you are ready to risk and lose.